Metropolitan Paul, Saliba's, -Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand, and their dependencies-, visit to Auckland.

The Executive Committee takes pleasure in reporting that Metropolitan Paul, Saliba’s, -Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand, and their dependencies-, visit to Auckland from Friday 2nd of December to  Monday 5th of December early morning; proved very successful.

Friday 2nd of December 2005:

At the Auckland Airport, Fr George and Khourieh Mary and Yusra Bosauder with a delegation from the Mission of St George that included Secretary/Treasurer John Hubbard, Elena Zimbatue with her two children Serge and Alexandra, and a contingent of the World Lebanese Cultural Union, President Joe El-Booty and Secretary Henry Haddad and, congregated at the International Airport and were rewarded with the blessings received from His Eminence who after breaking the bread and salt, enjoyed special time with every one, especially the children.

After passing by the motel and joined the Executive at Fr George’s house, and after solemn prayer had an evening meal; later after another solemn prayer the executive meeting was held and reports were given to the satisfaction of His Eminence who encouraged the work done and blessed us to carry on with the work of the Lord. His Eminence also gave his blessings to the effort made to make platforms, Alter and Oblation table; to allow us to use a more Orthodox arrangement in the Sanctuary.

Saturday 3rd of December 2005:

His Eminence spent considerable time with Mr. John Hubbard and enjoyed a launch at Fr George’s home with the family, at 16:00 the platforms were moved to the Church and setup with the carpet and Icon Screen and the Alter arrived on time and after setup Vespers proceeded followed with the five loaves service and concluded with a light supper and boiled wheat for St Barbara’s feast.

Then we enjoyed a special evening at Joe and Mira El-Booty’s home.

Sunday 4th of December 2005:

The Hierarchical Liturgy at All Saints Anglican Church at Howick; was the climax of Metropolitan Paul’s visit. The faithful were treated to a spiritual feast where their souls soared to the heavens and were able to eat the Manna from heaven that will give them life eternal.

The new arrangement in the sanctuary proved its usefulness as during the Liturgy Mr. John W. Hubbard received ordination to the Holy Diaconate and is now Father Deacon John.

At the conclusion of the Liturgy every one were treated to a light lunch of Manakeesh.

The dinner in honour of His Eminence Metropolitan Paul Saliba; was opened with His Eminence’s solemn prayer and blessing the food. The evening was also graced with the attendance of Fr Vladimir Boikov from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Fr Mekaiel Bishoy, from the Coptic Church, Fr. Fawzi Koro from the Chaldonian Catholic Church, and many faithful and many young people who enjoyed the dinner, and the music played by Paul and Michael Bosauder.

In thanks giving an Imperial Egg was presented to His Eminence as a reminder of our souls and hearts that we place in his hands. His Eminence replied with his usual caring and loving attitude and encouraged everyone.


The Services in (English/Arabic/Greek)

Vespers Saturday 3rd of December 2005; 17:30 (5:30 PM)

Liturgy Sunday 4th of December; 12:00 (12:00 noon)

At, All Saints, Anglican Church,

Old Church Building;

Corner of Selwyn Rd., Picton St., and Cook St.

(Map and directions could be obtained from

Auckland Mission of St George;

of, The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand; of The Greek Orthodox Church; Patriarchate of Antioch.

Primate His Eminence Metropolitan Paul Saliba,

Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Dependencies.

Fr. George, Ihsan Bosauder

PO Box 38 289, 111 Ridge Road, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand.


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